The D.P. Juza Process

Dreams Into Reality

All projects begin with an idea, a thought, a dream. To get a physical representation of such a nebulous source can be an art unto itself—but it is an art that D.P. Juza has perfected.


Devising a design and plan to make those thoughts physically real takes not only asking questions, but asking the right questions. The experience of delivering what a customer desires takes an understanding of what is and isn’t possible, making suggestions to help reach the desired end result, and filling in the gaps with questions.



Our woods come from a variety of vendors around the country ranging from large companies that deal in large volume to small, privately owned companies that enable us to acquire rare species and products.

We do not use any illegally imported or banned woods under the “LACY Act.” We also comply to L.E.A.D. and FSC Certified projects. And, most of our suppliers have been with us since the beginning of our company.


We have a state-of-the-art finishing process in our facility. Our finishing capabilities include conversion varnishes, water based varnishes, and some hand-wiped coatings using tung oil and certain fillers. Our lead finisher has been in the coatings industry for over 30 years and can execute any finish the customer desires.



Generally, we build the jobs in the shop and ship them in our own trailers. Our installation teams are always ready to travel to the job sites, no matter where they are located. From start to finish, our design team works hand-in-hand with the client ensuring that all expectations are met. This gives our customers a lead point of contact without needing to involve multiple parties.

Customer Service

The customer always has all the input they want. We provide recommendations and opinions to make sure that you, the customer, are consistently satisfied with the job.