Invite visitors into a space that is designed for shopping, living, or leisure.

Lighting is essential for creating the atmosphere you desire. It takes an eye for design to not only understand the movement of light throughout a space, but to harness it and create an inviting atmosphere based on a predetermined style.

Our passion for creating inviting places is evident in every location we’ve touched—and we make it easy to achieve whatever look you desire.

Lighting can be added to cabinets to increase functionality and sophistication. Adding lights to a bookcase or illuminating service counter space with hidden undermount lighting can also add to the usefulness of your fixture.

D.P. Juza designers and craftsmen will handle every part of the process, from design to production and installation, so you can avoid the hassle of DIY or expensive electrical contractors.

The only thing left for you to think about will be the level of control that your new light fixtures provide.

Interested in starting your own custom lighting project with D.P. Juza Woods & Fixtures?