Custom Wood Cabinetry

Maximize the square footage in your home, office, or retail space with the installation of stunning, custom cabinetry.

When you decide to pursue custom made cabinets from D.P. Juza, you know that you will be getting the wood you want and workmanship that lasts.

Our craftsmen can design and construct custom cabinets to whatever size or specifications you desire. From wardrobes to commercial grade cabinets to kitchen cabinets for your home, there are numerous styles, functions, finishes and details that will convey your ultimate vision. These can be overlooked by others—not by D.P. Juza. 

Over the last 20 years, we have crafted more than 500 unique and stunning pieces for installation in golf pro shops, resorts, commercial retail spaces, and residential homes across the country. 

Cabinet Styles

Frameless (European-style) box construction where the doors and drawer faces can be full overlay, modified overlay, or inset.

Faceframe box construction that can also have doors that are full overlay, modified overlay, and inset.

Cabinet Doors

Custom cabinet doors and drawer face styles will define a look and feel of a single piece or part of a larger collection of cabinets.

This is achieved by constructing the doors and drawer faces with a multitude of options, including:

  • slab or single wood pieces
  • flat panel (Shaker style)
  • beaded panel
  • raised panel
  • adding wood trim accents
  • door edge profiles

Cabinet Hardware

The hardware used can truly make or break all cabinetry. We use and choose from the finest hardware in the world, including Blum hingesSalice drawer glidesKassebohmer organizers.

While you may not be aware of top of the line hardware when using it, adding sub-standard hardware can ruin even the most well-made cabinetry.

Cabinet Functions

What function is your piece serving? There are thousands of organizers that can be added to ultimately make the piece function to your liking.

Popular customizations include:

  • pullout waste and recycling units
  • slideout shelves and trays
  • roll top garages
  • pullout pantry shelving

Cabinet Lighting

The use of cabinetry lighting in, around or under units adds a level of sophistication and functional warmth that your visitors will notice.

Cabinet Finishing

The wood finish should accent and help define the overall look and feel of your cabinetry.

This is achieved using a host of different finishing applications, including:

  • painted finish
  • natural finish
  • single stain color
  • paint or stain in combination with glazing
  • antiqued finish with paint or stain
  • the finished sheen 

While the options that can be added to your desk, bathroom vanity, built-in shelves or kitchen cabinets are infinite, we have the expertise and experience to avoid overloading you with possibilities and options. Knowing what you want and maximizing your available space is our specialty.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the look on customers’ faces when they see the finished product and the realization of their plans and dreams. The warmth, the beauty, the obvious attention to detail that we are accustomed to is reflected in everything we create. It is our end game.

Purchasing mass-produced cabinetry means molding your desires to fit a limited selection. We fashion your desires to the pieces you want and to the functionality, look and feel you need—not vice-versa. 

Interested in starting your own custom cabinetry project with D.P. Juza Woods & Fixtures?