Who Is D.P. Juza?

David Juza started working with wood early in his life. By the time he was 25, the quality of his work had reached that of a seasoned craftsman. 

Evidenced by his stunning grandfather clocks and furniture, he possessed a unique talent. While teaching woodworking at a school in Barron, Wisconsin, he was asked to lead the Store Fixture and Custom Cabinetry line at the Bernhard Woodwork Shell Lake, WI plant.

For four years, he oversaw the production of all high-end custom fixtures go through the doors at the plant, and he was eventually promoted to the position of General Manager, overseeing all work at the Shell Lake Facility.

In David’s tenure, large names such as Carson Pirie Scott, Bloomingdales and Barnes and Noble bookstores were adorned with the fine woodworking from the Shell Lake facility. And, not only large retailers were benefitting from the craftsmanship coming out of the facility–the facility itself had grown substantially, providing jobs for many in a small community.

In 1997, the Shell Lake facility changed ownership and David decided it was time to branch out on his own and return to his roots–working with his hands to create beauty. And thus, D.P. Juza Woods and Fixtures was born.

Through his dedication and love for the craft, the company has grown to be one of the most recognized names in the Wisconsin and Minnesota region.

Early on, David resolved that the only way to consistently produce quality products was to align himself with other artisans who had a similar commitment to quality. He recruited only the finest craftsmen and wood workers for his company, and by doing this, D.P. Juza raised the standard in quality craftsmanship.

Though David is now gone, the company continues its unwavering dedication to producing only the highest quality workmanship. The craftsmen left to carry on the dream each possess at least 20 years of building and are all at the Artisan/Master Craftsmen level. Some came with David from the old Shell Lake facility, and some have joined more recently.

What is clear, is that once they join the D.P. Juza family, they are consistently inspired by the love of the craft to produce only the finest, high-quality wood products for generations to enjoy.

Some things in life speak for themselves.

From the hundreds of jobs that we have done over the years, our warmth, quality, fine craftsmanship, and desire for durability and design is obvious. For more information, download our PDF: 5 Traits to look for before you hire your woodworker.