Custom Retail Display Cases

Attract the eyes of eager buyers by showing off your products in custom retail display cases.

It is a proven statistic that an effectively remodeled and enticingly beautiful retail space can increase sales revenue by 60% to 120%.  Not only does properly displayed merchandise increase sales, but it can add a level of sophistication and inviting warmth of a customer’s retail experience.  

Having built retail display cases and custom wood fixtures for over 500 pro shops across the country, D.P. Juza has learned that an investment in a properly configured retail space can not only add beauty and simplicity, but more revenue and profits for the owner.

Popular Styles of Displays include:

  • nested & tiered tables
  • built-in media displays
  • shelving display units
  • slatwall units
  • free-standing & rolling floor displays
  • integrated glass units
  • perimeter wall fixtures

As an added dimension, we have the experience of knowing how to incorporate specialty display hardware and lighting to each unit.  

And while the retail industry calls them “fixtures”, the care and craftsmanship needed to produce these “fixtures” often reaches the level of finely crafted furniture. Again, we can’t avoid it—it’s in our DNA.

Every project that we take on is done with a desire to match our work with the beauty of your current space.

Interested in starting your own custom display project with D.P. Juza Woods & Fixtures?