Custom Woodworking

It doesn’t matter what size of custom woodworking job you have in mind. We have done them all—big and small. The thing that matters the most in woodworking is the quality of the end product.

That’s why it’s important to find a company that is in it for the art, the sheer pleasure of creating something lasting and meaningful, and the pride in the beauty created from this dedication. Our joy is in working with wood and turning something that is natural into your personal definition of beautiful.

Custom Woodworking for Golf Pro Shops

Golf pro shops present one of the greatest design challenges—how can you create an effective retail environment when rest and relaxation are top of mind for your customers? Over the last 20 years, we have crafted more than 500 unique and stunning custom wood pieces for installation in golf pro shops across the country. We lead with custom design, and never limit ourselves to stock designs or pre-manufactured styles of furniture to improve your space.

Custom Woodworking for Bars & Restaurants

Do you ever stop to think about how the right design and placement of custom furniture can contribute to a better dining experience? This kind of design thinking is second nature at D.P. Juza. From creating layouts for entire restaurants to constructing individual pieces like bars, tables, and stools, our team has enhanced dining experiences across the country with a focus on custom design.

Resorts & Clubhouses

First impressions are everything—that’s why establishing a consistent look for your resort or country club is essential to a positive customer experience. From fireplaces to fixture to lockers and custom cabinetry, we can help you design a memorable and functional space that connects with visitors each and every time.

Medical & Hospitality

When it’s your job to make visitors feel warm and welcome, we can help you find the right woods and finishes that will complement a desired aesthetic. Our team is capable of enhancing your space with custom wood fixtures that reflect your brand’s attitude.

Commercial Retail

Designing a retail space that keeps customers engaged is no simple feat. We can show you how the careful placement and construction of stunning wood furniture and custom display cases and fixtures can increase the functionality of your commercial space.