Pecky Cypress kitchen

Wood of the Week – Pecky Cypress

What is Pecky Cypress? Pecky Cypress is bald cypress AKA swamp cypress or red cypress that has numerous open defects that a fungus creates in the heartwood of over-mature trees. Bald cypress is a deciduous conifer tree that is in the same family as Sequoia and Redwood trees. As a deciduous conifer bald cypress drops … Read more

Two men reference job prints while working to install a closet in the entryway of home.

Custom residential cabinetry install: Whitmore

Jamie and John reference the Whitmore job prints while installing cabinets in the entryway. Installing custom residential cabinetry takes patience, experience, and problem-solving. Entryway/Bar Custom Cabinetry John removes part of a two-by-four to install the finished side panel of the entryway cabinet. The vertical side panel of the entryway closet is set in place by … Read more

Custom cabinetry crowns renovation of Northwoods cabin

A recent DP Juza whole home project showcases how quality custom cabinetry combined with a clear design can transform a classic Northwoods cabin into a beautiful modern retreat. The Whitmore cabin, owned by Bob and Molly Whitmore, is located well off the beaten path in Northern Wisconsin, nestled in an old Pine Forest on the … Read more

Wood Of The Week – Douglas Fir

What Is Douglas Fir Douglas Fir is often the standard against which all other framing species are measured. Its strength combined with a superior strength-to-weight ratio, high specific gravity (for excellent nail and metal truss plate-holding capability), excellent dimensional stability, the moderate decay resistance of its heartwood, and documented excellent performance record against strong forces … Read more

The DPJ Custom Furniture and Fixtures Protection Process

Ensuring our clients receive their custom furniture and fixtures in ideal condition is just as important as building them precisely. We prepare every custom furniture and fixture for transport before we load it in company trailers, or shipping containers, depending on their destination. Our craftsmen carefully prepare and load each fixture for transport to ensure … Read more

DPJ Builds a Gun Cabinet to Support Local Youth Hockey

Gun cabinets are not a fixture DP Juza builds for clients, but we do believe in supporting local organizations, especially those that provide children with safe, healthy environments to learn and grow. Dustin Fankhauser, DPJ finisher, proposed the idea that we build and donate a gun cabinet for the Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association to … Read more

Wood of the Week – Poplar

What is Poplar? Poplar – also known as aspen, cottonwood or pople – is considered a hardwood, but is surprisingly softer than pine. It is native to the northern hemisphere and encompasses around thirty different varieties. The sapwood is a creamy white color and has brown/gray streaks throughout and the heartwood is yellow-brown to an olive-green color. Poplar has … Read more

Wood of the Week – White Birch (aka Paper Birch)

White Birch is a tree native to the northern parts of North America. White Birch is also known as Paper Birch and Canoe Birch. It gets the name Paper Birch from its thin white bark that often peels in paper-like layers. The name Canoe Birch comes from the fact it was often used by native … Read more

Wood of the Week – Avodire

What is Avodire? Avodire is a hardwood that is native to western and central Africa. Its habitat preference is near water – lakes and streams mostly. On average, avodire grows up to 110 feet tall and has trunk diameters between 2-3 feet and can sometimes reach 5 feet in diameter. It is non-durable in regards to … Read more

eastern white pine

Wood of the Week – Eastern White Pine

What is Eastern White Pine? Eastern White Pine is one of the most commonly used woods in construction. It grows along the Eastern coast of North America and across to the great lakes. It is also grown in many plantations across it’s natural range. The long, straight trunks of eastern white pine were once prized … Read more