An exterior view of MetalLark tower at dusk

MetalLark Tower: Custom Residential Woodworking that Makes an Impression

There are some projects that come to the DP Juza shop that, once installed, make an impression. The custom residential woodworking DP Juza crafted, finished, and installed for Nordlys Lodging in their MetalLark Tower make an impression on how they enhance and compliment the cabin’s unique design and beautiful location. MetalLark Tower is a two-story … Read more

Evolution of Woodworking and Man

Evolution of Woodworking and Man. Can you have one without the other? As woodworking evolves in the modern era, we too as individuals and as a company, must evolve continuously. Striving to provide the highest quality services and products as efficiently and cost effectively as possible ​for​ our clients. Whether we are creating custom furniture … Read more

Installing the Golf Pro Shop at Crested Butte

Nestled in the Elk Mountain range of the Rocky Mountains is the Club at Crested Butte. It now features handcrafted fixtures for its golf pro shop featuring a matte black finish and metal hardware, echoing the club’s overall aesthetics. D.P. Juza built and installed fixtures in the Skyland Clubhouse golf pro shop for the Club … Read more

White Oak Grain

White Oak and Custom Woodworking

What is White Oak? White oak is a hardwood native to North America and can be found from northern Florida to northern Ontario. It is a long-lived tree and has been found to live to 450 years. The oldest recorded white oak tree is estimated to be over 600 years old. White oak trees grow … Read more

Aersol Boxes under construction at the DP Juza workshop.

Boxing in COVID-19

Exclusive sports retail display fixture and high end premier residential cabinet maker retools in 24hours to join the fight against the spread of Covid-19 virus to healthcare workers. We are learning more about the virus itself and the characteristics of its spread across the nation. The aggressive nature of its spread and virility will overload our healthcare … Read more

Over 20 full-size doors ready to be finished.

Doors, Doors and More Doors

A project we have in house currently, consists of 120 full height gear lockers, for a golf course clubhouse remodel at Carlisle Barracks, in Carlisle, PA. These things are the real deal, heavy duty, lifetime use locker.

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Our new cherry-red Simplicity Snowblower

Simplicity – Our New Snowblower

In Wisconsin we have two seasons, construction season and Winter. Winter is a total crap shoot. Sometimes it’s cold as all can be, sometimes it just snows to beat heck. This year we decided to stop shoveling everywhere and work smarter.

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The new retail counter at the Woodfield Country Club tennis pro shop.

The Rise of Tennis

For the past two decades, we have pushed hard to find retail spaces that were willing to entertain cutting edge design and atmospheres. Here are a few photos to showcase a beautiful southern Tennis Pro-Shop.

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Two of our craftsmen take a knee in front a job well done.

Projects That Define a Business

There are jobs, projects or even moments that will define the life of any business.  Crossroads, of sorts, that if met with great expectations will catapult a business to the next level or, if not met, could spell the beginning of the end for any business.

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A fire extinguisher posted next to several flame-resistant cabinets.

October is Fire Prevention Month

As you can imagine, a wood shop presents many fire hazards. There are several types of fire extinguishers available in today’s market, from water extinguishers to AFFF foam, CO2 or ABC Powder extinguishers

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