Custom cabinetry crowns renovation of Northwoods cabin

custom cabinetry kitchen
A view of the newly renovated Whitemore kitchen featuring custom cabinetry by DP Juza.

A recent DP Juza whole home project showcases how quality custom cabinetry combined with a clear design can transform a classic Northwoods cabin into a beautiful modern retreat.

The Whitmore cabin, owned by Bob and Molly Whitmore, is located well off the beaten path in Northern Wisconsin, nestled in an old Pine Forest on the shores of a beautiful lake.

Custom Cabinetry

DP Juza built and finished a collection of custom cabinetry to bring Whitmore’s dream cabin renovation to life.

The collection includes fixtures for the entryway, dining room, kitchen, powder room, master bedroom, master bath, master closet, and loft bathroom.


The cabinets are all constructed of rift-cut White Oak, where the wood log is cut at a 90-degree angle to the growth rings, creating a perpendicular cut of four equal pieces.

Rift-cut wood is a high waste plank to saw, but is saught after for the straight grain lines it creates in the wood. These straight grains allow wood crafters to match the grain in the cabinets making for a nearly seamless wood grain look when finished.

This dresser, made for the Whitemore’s Master bedroom, features the beautiful straight grain achieved with rift-cut White Oak. Dresser by DP Juza

The design of the cabinets throughout the home include flat panel doors and drawer fronts with simple detailing. The design for the structure of the cabinets is consistent for the whole collection. This lends a cohesiveness throughout the residence.

The Collection

As you enter the residence the entryway features two room-height wardrobes that meet up with a countertop height cabinetry. To your right is a custom Cherry bench DP Juza made from wood sourced on the Whitmore property.

In the entry, visitors get a sneak peek of the dining room through a service window that is seamlessly built into the entryway wall. The service window provides access from the bar in the dining room to the counter in the entryway.

Service In Style

custom cabinetry bar

The dining room features a bar with cabinets above and below with a surround for a wine refrigerator. The cabinets above the bar have glass panes to show off glassware. The cabinets below are stained and clear finished, to showcase the beauty of the white oak wood grain.

Unique color to kitchen cabinets adds drama and feeling to space

The cabinets in the kitchen take color to captivating new places in the custom color: a hunter green with some blue spruce added. Benjamin Moore “Dragonfly”.

The kitchen island features a Walnut countertop sourced from John Boos that only adds to the charm and function of the kitchen.

DP Juza built and finished all the kitchen cabinets including the kitchen island, and the surrounds for the oven surround and refrigerator.

The kitchen cabinets feature high-quality rollouts and hardware. Using quality hardware on custom cabinets really makes the cabinets function as good as they look.

Custom Cabinetry brings Function & Style to Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom are two bedside dressers that function as both a dresser and as a nightstand. The straight grains of the rift-cut White Oak are visible one the drawer fronts.

The master bedroom is also home to built-in alcove cabinetry and an attached work surface with drawers.

In the master closet is a full height walk-in wardrobe with four sections. In the back of the closet is a laundry space with upper and lower cabinets with a countertop on the lower cabinets.

Style & Function of Custom Cabinetry maintained in Three Unique Bathrooms

The collection includes fixtures for three different bathrooms. In the powder room is the smallest vanity with one sink that is finished in a solid gray color. The loft bathroom features a double vanity, finished in an eye-catching deep ocean blue.

The vanity in the master bath is a “his and hers” sink vanity with flanking full-height linen cabinets.

custom cabinetry vanity

Despite each of these bathroom fixtures featuring a different finish the contiguous design of the cabinets maintains the cohesive style throughout the cabin. Renovations and updates can be exciting and a time to try new looks. DP Juza Woods and Fixtures is a premiere custom cabinetry shop that will make your dream project a reality.