Custom residential cabinetry install: Whitmore

Two men reference job prints while working to install a closet in the entryway of home.

Jamie and John reference the Whitmore job prints while installing cabinets in the entryway. Installing custom residential cabinetry takes patience, experience, and problem-solving.

Entryway/Bar Custom Cabinetry

Two men work to install a closet in the entryway of a home.

John removes part of a two-by-four to install the finished side panel of the entryway cabinet.

Two men install the side piece of a closet in the entryway of a home.

The vertical side panel of the entryway closet is set in place by Jamie and John. See how the Whitmore custom residential cabinetry looks fully installed.

A man uses a tape measure to correctly install the next piece of a closet in the entryway of a house.

Masking tape, measuring tape, and a pencil help John ensure every part of the entryway cabinets are correct.

A view of a partially installed bar in a residential home.

On the other side of the entryway wall is the partially complete bar cabinetry. Installing the under-mount of the bar wall cabinets and bar countertop is a multi-step process, with each step essential to ensure the custom cabinets on both sides of the wall are correct.

Kitchen Cabinetry

The men work to install various parts of a custom cabinets in a kitchen.

Jamie, John, and Patrick complete different tasks while installing the kitchen cabinets.

A man uses a measuring tape to ensure the placement of a mark for drawer pull hardware is correct.

John measures a kitchen drawer to locate the center for drawer pull hardware using masking tape to mark the drawer pull placement.

A man uses a wooden jig to pre-drill the holes on a drawer for the drawer pull hardware.

Jamie uses a jig on a kitchen drawer to pre-drill the holes for drawer pull hardware. Using a jig ensures the drawer pulls are correct every time.

Newly installed drawer pulls on a section of kitchen cabinet drawers.

Nice Drawer Pulls! Check out the finished kitchen cabinets complete with drawer pull hardware.

Master Suite Cabinetry

A man works in front of a tall cabinet to install interior features of the cabinet.

In the master bath Mark installs parts of interior cabinetry.

A man uses a wooden jig to find the location to mark where the drawer pull for a cabinet drawer is.

Mark uses a jig to pre-drill a hole in a drawer in the master bath for drawer pull hardware.

The top of a cabinet is installed by a man standing on a ladder.

The top of the cabinet in the master closet is set using wood glue on the underside of the cabinet top provide a secure, seamless finish on the cabinet.

A man uses a screw driver to insert a clip into the side piece of a closet that will attach it to the rest of the closet.

Dustin installs clips into a cabinet wall panel of the master closet fixture. There is a clip in each of the horizontal cutouts that attach to a clip in an already hung cabinet.

The side of a closet is installed by two men.

Mark and Dustin install a cabinet wall panel, ensuring each clip locks securely. The clips and a strip of wood glue provide a secure and seamless finish for the master closet cabinetry.

A view of a fully installed master closet.

The master closet features a seamless finish in its closet fixtures that display the beautiful design and finish of the cabinetry.

Custom residential cabinetry can elevate any space of a home when made and installed by professionals like D.P. Juza Woods + Fixtures.