Woodfield Tennis Pro Shop

Boca Raton, FL

A fresh and clean tennis pro shop.

The interior designer for the Woodfield Tennis Pro Shop had a specific vision in mind when they approached us.

The creative brief required the space to be bright and light for a fresh modern look. The cabinetry needed to be beautiful, but keep the merchandise as the focal point.

Our team achieved this clean look with 4 coats of clear paint. Logistically there were challenges to installing the new shop. We used Google Earth to plan ahead. The semi truck couldn’t be parked close to the door, so we had a two step process to unload and set up in the shop. After a couple hours, all of the pieces were in and ready for final installation without interrupting the club’s operations.

Services Provided

  • Cabinetry
  • Custom Furniture and Fixtures
  • Display Cases
  • Finishing
  • Lighting