Doors, Doors and More Doors

No not military gear, rather personal golf equipment. This is for a golf course clubhouse remodel at Carlisle Barracks, in Carlisle, PA. And by the way, these aren’t your factory production, same old, same old, lockers. This isn’t a mass produced, budget locker. These things are the real deal, heavy duty, lifetime use locker.

120 Lockers is not an overwhelming feat for us. If all the components are machined, edged, sorted and ready to assemble, we can build all 120 lockers in about a day and a half. The real work happens when we build 120, paneled White Oak doors to fit those lockers perfectly. Unlike Melamine, the material most lockers are made of, solid White Oak is a trick. It moves, cracks, warps and twists at will. We use only premium materials, and sort for imperfections to cut out of the solid material, so that doors finish as straight and flat as can be. White Oak is extremely hard. It is not forgiving. It takes about 25-30 minutes per door to sand to a desirable finish, so the stain will take evenly. In all, that’s about 60 hours of sanding. Sanding. Sanding. Then, Staining, staining, staining.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the work. It’s just all the Sanding, and Staining. Ha, you get the point.

Part of a good locker room is not just the ability to make a good door hang on a good locker. It is the ability to make 120 doors look good next to each other, so not to draw the eye to a single door’s imperfections. Therefore, we shade each door to match a master door. Every door has the same tone and appeal. These are photos along the way, while our craftsmen are assembling, sanding, and staining. Stay tuned to see what a top-quality locker room looks like.