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Wood of the Week - Red Alder

Just like with our other "Wood of the Week" articles, we like to feature a wood we have currently in the shop so that we can get some pictures of the wood as it’s being worked. So this week we chose Western Red Alder because we have a small project coming through featuring this wood. 

Living and Working in the Northwoods

The D.P. Juza team recently took a break from woodworking to enjoy one of the benefits of living and working in the Northwoods.

Wood of the Week - Rustic Hickory

We currently have a project going through the shop with cabinets made of Rustic Hickory, so we decided to highlight why hickory is such a good choice for woodworking applications.

Wood of the Week - Wormy Chestnut

We recently had a project come through the shop involving cedar chests lined with some Wormy Chestnut. We thought this would be a good wood to feature in our wood of the week particularly because of the history the wood has in America.