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Living and Working in the Northwoods

The D.P. Juza team recently took a break from woodworking to enjoy one of the benefits of living and working in the Northwoods.

Wood of the Week - Rustic Hickory

We currently have a project going through the shop with cabinets made of Rustic Hickory, so we decided to highlight why hickory is such a good choice for woodworking applications.

Wood of the Week - Wormy Chestnut

We recently had a project come through the shop involving cedar chests lined with some Wormy Chestnut. We thought this would be a good wood to feature in our wood of the week particularly because of the history the wood has in America.

Celebrating 240 Years of Independence

The D.P. Juza Woods & Fixtures team recently traveled to Virginia to install some custom spa cabinetry. While in Virginia, they enjoyed an opportunity to visit our nation’s capital.