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Wood of the Week - Bamboo

Bamboo is a widely used material in woodworking in anything from flooring to cutting boards, veneers, and stair treads.

The Castle Face Frame Clamp

Our new Castle face frame clamp arrived in our shop just recently. It is not the biggest machine, nor is it the most technologically advanced machine–but it is an extremely well built machine that will see a lot of use and will help us, as a company, more efficiently create a better product.

Wood of the Week - Aspen

An under-utilized domestic softwood, Aspen is easy to work, it is an excellent substitute for more expensive woods, and it reproduces prolifically. Commonly used in toothpicks, and pulp, Aspen can also be a great choice for millwork, furniture, and veneers.

The Max Disk Sander

When small adjustments are in order, smaller machines sometimes do it best. Our Max disk sander is a perfect example, and finishes a better miter than any other machine in the shop when a small adjustment is needed.