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The Baileigh Planer

With the onset of our current residential projecct in the Hayward, WI area, we found ourselves in need of a new planer that could keep up with the timeline and quality demands we were faced with. The Baileigh company offered us a wide variety of planers that met our specifications and from there, we found the perfect fit.

Wood of the Week - Spruce

A wood standard in the luthier business, Spruce is a well rounded, excellent sounding and attractive wood.  It is also a great choice for interior construction in the form of lumber, plywood, and beams.

The Gannomat Case Clamp

Not surprisingly, in woodworking we are required to “clamp” our products during the building process. One extremely functional and time saving piece of machinery we use on the daily is our Gannomat Concept 70 case clamp.

Wood of the Week - Bamboo

Bamboo is a widely used material in woodworking in anything from flooring to cutting boards, veneers, and stair treads.