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Our Construction Process - Drawer Boxes

Drawer boxes are an invisible and often forgotten part of any kitchen, office, or service counter. They sit inside the cabinet, are often filled with miscellaneous office or kitchen necessities, and the front is covered up with an aesthetically appealing drawer front to match the rest of the fixture. So who cares about the craftsmanship that goes into them?  Who cares if they are built as well or look as pretty as the rest of the job? We do.

Our Finishing Process - The Final Product

The fourth and final step in our finishing process is...finishing! After the wood has been prepared for staining, stained, and then sealed, we must apply a top coat, or finish. Finish is usually applied in several coats and is sanded between each. Finish comes in many forms, thicknesses, sheens, and levels of penetration.

Woodworking Tips, Tricks, Jigs, and Techniques #3

By offering custom product experiences, we give our clients a chance to get exactly what they want or need and to make the most of their available space.

Our Finishing Process - Learn To Seal Wood

Sealing is the third step in our finishing process. Sealer is applied to stained and unstained wood. We do this to seal the pores of the wood which creates smooth, even surface for when we are ready to apply the finish. Sealing stained wood also helps to prevent the stain from bleeding through excessive coats of the finish.