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Projects that define a business

There are jobs, projects or even moments that will define the life of any business.  Crossroads, of sorts, that if met with great expectations will catapult a business to the next level or, if not met, could spell the beginning of the end for any business.

Welcome, Zach!

Expert artisans are hard to come by - and we are happy to have added one more to our team.

Project Recap: Custom Deer Stands

We recently had the opportunity to mix up our daily routine after receiving a request for two custom deer hunting stands from a past client. They needed to be 25 feet tall, and we would be doing "the install.”

Project Recap: Shell Lake High School Display Cases

One type of project our craftsmen love most is one-off, custom pieces.  When Shell Lake High School commissioned us to make a new display case to match their existing display case, our craftsmen jumped at the opportunity.  This project presented a few unique challenges that put our experience and ambition to work, and was a great opportunity for us to do what we do best.