The Rise of Tennis

This almost always included retail display fixturing, aesthetically appealing, and exceptionally crafted pieces. We aren’t talking about point and click, buy it now, stamped out, or budget manufactured pieces. You know, those lifeless reproductions offered in three wood species, with half a dozen color options. We put the soul in the retail space. Only one of its kind; ever. In over 20 years of producing hand crafted, eye opening retail spaces, we take real pride in being able to say that not even one has been the same. This is in part because no two spaces are the same.

However, we like to think more so that it is because these spaces are unique to an individual. If the golf community wanted Walmart to sell product for them, well they would all have the same boring mess. Merchandise is a way of life for many clubs. Retail, along with memberships, are how the bills get paid. Let’s face it, having a retail space that is as unique as the club it serves, is how to bring that paying customer in. The Walmart’s and Amazon’s of the world will surely have something that is cheaper. The service and face-to-face relationships are what sets a Golf Pro, and his shop, apart. This is what we have come to be for so many clients. That connection for a Pro and his Members. It works so well; in fact, we are frequently consulting completely different industries and sectors all together.

It brings us to the name of this article… “The Rise of Tennis.” Tennis is nothing new. Tennis has been around for over 150 years, and it has been more popular throughout history than it is today. Why the “Rise”? The simple answer, Time. As we become more and more connected, we obligate ourselves more frequently. How many times in the last year have you found yourself saying “I’d do that, if only I had more time”, or “I’m so busy, I don’t have time for anything else”. The fact is, we are falling behind more and more. We are a busy society, and as much fun as it is to get out on the course and play a round of golf, the simple fact is, not many of us have 4-5 hours available every week to do so.

Woodfield Country Club

Tennis on the other hand, takes about and hour to an hour and a half per match. Thus “The Rise of Tennis”

Here are a few photos to showcase a beautiful southern Tennis Pro-Shop. This one is located in Boca-Raton, FL. All the same rules apply for the team at D.P. Juza: Make a killer space, that any club would love to have. In this case, Woodfield Country Club is the lucky recipient.

Woodfield Pro Shop

Woodfield Service Counter

Woodfield Trophy Wall

To end this properly, we have just one thing to throw in. If you are a country club looking to increase revenue and membership, add some tennis courts. When they are in, give us a call. We will make you shine.