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Wood of the Week - Cypress

Cypress, an American softwood found in the southeastern United States is naturally rot and decay resistant and is often used in boats, docks, and patio furniture.  It has a straight grain and relatively even texture, but can sometimes be found with unique darker colored pockets.

The Steff Power Feeders

While most of our machinery at D.P. Juza Woods & Fixtures is based around production, some of our machines play more of a supportive role in our day-to-day operations. Our Steff power feeders don't cut material. They don't sand it, adjust it, or finish it. The Steff power feeders are there for safety and consistency.

Wood of the Week - Avodire

One unique, often higly figured wood we've worked with is Avodire.  It's figure, color, and natural luster are hard to match.

The Putsch Vertical Panel Saw

Another workhorse of a machine is our Putsch vertical panel saw. It can do everything a normal sliding panel saw can do, but vertically rather than horizontally. Cutting sheet stock on a vertical axis not only saves us valuable shop space, but it allows our craftsmen to execute a perfect cut.