Detail of the grain on a panel of rosewood.

Wood Of The Week – Rosewood

Rosewood is a hard exotic wood. The sapwood, or wood between the bark and heartwood, is soft and porous while the heartwood is extremely dense and hard. In woodworking, it is rarely used due to the heavy trade restrictions, let alone stained. The beauty of the wood is so rare, it is almost always finished as its own natural color.

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The Makita Planer

A planer is the machine that cuts a board down to a desired or specified thickness by shaving off the top surface of the wood. Thanks to the mobility of this planer, it has become known as “the travelling planer”. Its simplicity allows for quick setup, and its workhorse attributes allow us to plane any material necessary with ease.

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Our Newest Piece of Machinery

Shopsabre released one the most advanced and powerful machines on the market for under $100,000 – the Shopsabre IS CNC router. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. A CNC router is a machine that uses computer software and control to drive a mechanical cutting system.

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A custom bed in progress at our shop.

Project Recap: A Place for Rest

Within the last year, D.P. Juza Woods & Fixtures was commissioned to build a custom bed for a returning client. While not given a specific plan or drawings, we were entrusted to develop, design and construct this one-off piece.

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Our shop's original Delta unisaw.

The Machine That Started it All – The Delta Unisaw

In the early days of the DP Juza company, this saw was used for nearly every cut that needed to be made. Through the years, we have acquired new tools and technology, but this nostalgic piece of machinery has proven its worth and value to our business over and over again.

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A finished panel of joined Walnut.

Wood of the Week – Walnut

Walnut is a hardwood with straight grain that has several different species throughout the world. Black Walnut is the most common specie of walnut found in North America. It is rarely stained, as most prefer to maintain and enhance the natural beauty with a clear finish.

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Several of our woodworkers painting holiday crafts.

Holiday Crafts with the Juza Crew

In December, Ben Juza, VP of Operations, took the D.P. Juza crew to the Gypsy and The Frog Art Gallery in Spooner, WI to embrace the holiday season that was already in full swing.

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A detail of the grain of a panel of Cherry wood.

Wood of the Week – Cherry

What is Cherry? Cherry typically comes from the Black Cherry tree which grows all across North and South America. However, the finest Cherry Timber comes from the Appalachian region. Cherry wood is popular among woodworkers as it has a well-rounded combination of workability, color, and durability. It is considered to be more workable than both … Read more

Project Recap: Heirloom Chests

D.P. Juza Woods & Fixtures was recently commissioned to custom craft four wooden chests for a client with a newborn daughter. The chests are an heirloom gift representing the love of a father for his wife and children. They are fully functional pieces, though they are beautiful to look at.

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A finished custom set of kitchen cabinets.

Project Recap: Basler Kitchen Cabinetry

What made this particular project so challenging was that we weren’t going to be replacing entire cabinetry in a typical, mostly square-roomed, full-walled kitchen. This was a dome house built by the owners almost 30 years ago. The main structure was built by having approximately twenty, 4-foot wide walls all adjoined to make a circle.

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